Website SEO for Google

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website relevant and popular so as to achieve high rankings in the search engine giants like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If your website has the desirable ingredients, (read-ranking parameters) then you can very well expect a significant increase in your online earnings as well as the site’s popularity. But this task is not that easy to accomplish, especially in one go. You may endlessly keep on developing content after content and yet unable to figure out why after so many months of labor your site is not visible on the first page of Google and among the top five positions. Actually, Google Search Engine Optimization is a unique kind of art and before venturing into content development, it is advisable that you make yourself familiar with Google’s point of view in looking at SEO with respect to your website.

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Google’s point of view regarding SEO

The inside story about Google Search Engine Optimization is that Google employs a computerized crawling technique called GoogleBot which goes from one side to the other by following the corresponding links it comes across. GoogleBot has an underlying proprietary algorithm for determining the importance of any given web page.  Once the indexing of web pages is over, the respective search results appear depending upon the location of the user and the search keywords used. Google has got dynamic indexing which along with its complex algorithm always retrieves the fresh, as well as the most relevant results as and when a search is performed. In the results, the relevance of content is the cause for outranking old and outdated content.

Even though Google’s ranking signals are quite enigmatic but still, the following factors can help you improve your rankings. Moreover, some SEO professionals including Google themselves have attested these factors:

  1. Google does not rank entire websites but individual web pages, so you should see that you give the same importance to every web page of yours to make it noticeable.
  2. For Google Search Engine Optimization you should take proper care of the context of your web content and not merely keywords. There is no point in repeating the given keywords unnecessarily to draw the attention of Google because Google is smart enough to distinguish between synonymous words.
  3. In order to make your page relevant for Google, you need to ensure that a lot of other pages link to yours. Such links are termed as backlinks or inbound links and links from other highly related pages are more prominent than those that belong to web pages of minor relevance.
  4. To remain neutral, you should also see that whether your pages link to similar other pages that are centered on a common topic. Additionally, it will also do if a number of similar other resources are also indicated by your pages.
  5. It will prove to be fruitful if you focus on the organization of your pages which includes the headings, descriptions, and titles to give an idea to the GoogleBot which wants to know what your page talks about.

It does not matter whether your web pages are designed good or bad (a workable design will do), what matters is the popularity, relevance of your pages, and the absence of digression from the main topic. This is how Google looks at SEO. So the time is propitious to arm yourself with these tips and tricks and crack Google‘s code for Search Engine Optimization.